Rzepka Strings

Building Approach


My approach to viol making adheres closely to the methods used during the 17th Century in England and France. Each instrument is unique, representing a specific time, place, and sound, and I vary my approach according to historical context. My viols are meticulously researched using technical drawings, literature, contemporary iconography, and physical examinations of the originals in museums and private collections.


From traditional hide glue to antique parchment to hand made oil varnishes, the materials I use aim to capture the spirit of the master luthiers of the late Renaissance. I source my spruce from the Swiss Alps and my maple from Germany, using only the choicest pieces for my work. My oil varnishes are made by hand using primarily linseed oil, spirit of turpentine, and oleoresins harvested from larch, fir and other European conifers.

In order maintain complete control over quality, style, and craftsmanship, every part of each instrument is made from the raw wood in my shop. Aside from the pegs, frets, and strings, I personally craft each piece, down to the bridge and sound post.